1943 Dot Ave

Can we reinvent the typical multifamily style building - wood construction over a podium - on a tight budget, all while paying homage to the neighborhood’s history?

Boston, Massachusetts | Peregrine Group, LLC  | 64 rental units | 1,500 s.f. commercial space

Located along a major historic artery into Boston, this infill, transit-oriented development includes a four-story, 64-unit wood-framed apartment community over a concrete podium and a ground-floor commercial space. The tight sloping site required clever approaches to squeezing a slight subgrade parking garage under the post-tensioned concrete podium and accomplishing the developer’s density and budget goals. 

The mid-sized building is designed to bridge between the scale and proportion of the existing neighborhood three-story apartment building’s (known as triple-deckers) and the newly built larger scale multifamily developments.  Determined to relate the building back to the neighborhood, our design unifies a collection of apartments, where, similarly to the neighborhood’s triple-deckers, each unit is visually expressed by pushing and pulling the facade on the outside and the hallway on the inside. This results in a unique aesthetic, which is unexpected in wood-framed multifamily buildings. The push and pull of the facade - analogous to the triple-decker - modulates the scale of the building and suits the surrounding neighborhood context.

H I G H L I G H T S 

• Innovative facade articulation and assembly methods for exterior materials.
• Minimal Exterior Load-Bearing Walls
• Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
• Post-tensioned Concrete Podium


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