Carson Project

Folly Beach, South Carolina  |  600 – 800 sf

The project consists of an addition to a two-story beach bungalow in Folly Beach, South Carolina. The property includes dense tropical vegetation in the rear and obstructed views to the Atlantic Ocean in front.  The objective was to add 600-800sf of live/work space for a graphic designer.  Using the client’s work as a catalyst for design inquiry, three design options exploring notions of privacy, exposure, and process were developed.  The three schemes are treated as typologies that reveal the activities of living and working through transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque materials.  While the three proposals share common design concepts, they each respond to the site and the existing house in different ways.  The design alternatives implement wood-framed structural system clad in alternating patterns of plywood, polycarbonate paneling, and corrugated metal.