The Adapter

How do we design a flexible urban space that encourages community participation?

Cambridge, Massachusetts | Boston Properties | 500 sf 

Kendall Square has become as mecca for companies making tremendous advancements in technology and science but the recent commercial development has followed the status quo.  This project proposes to play a unique role of enlivening a dead zone in the urban fabric by establishing an adaptable urban event space and an adaptable light filter to create opportunities day and night for organized events or low-key spontaneous gatherings.  It is formed by two parts that establish its identity in the urban fabric. The ground level adaptable urban event space is defined by large bi-fold and swing doors that allow the Adapter to fully open up providing for a multitude of programmatic options. The upper section is an adaptable light filter made up of periscopes to choreograph the seasonal southern daylight, project light and graphics at night, and provide unique views into and out of the Adapter. The space is a brand, it stimulates interactive experiences and encourage users to observe space, light and material in unanticipated ways through its extreme adaptability.


• Adaptive reuse of an underutilized MBTA utility space
• Flexible furniture components such as stages, bleachers, service counters, bike rack bartops, and display shelves adapt to various programmatic uses.
 Use of bi-fold hanger type doors.