Market Focus Group

A focus group of people can yield valuable information for any project. This market research can help guide decisions for design, amenities, space tradeoffs, features, and more; as well as creating marketing buzz. Focus groups may be used for many types of projects, from multifamily to commercial and public projects.


Assembling a diverse group is important for capturing a range of thoughts and reactions. Even if the focus group is a targeted age range, gender, race, and ethnic diversity is important to reflect the full market potential. Participants may be found from public advertisements, social clubs, organizations, or a larger network of people.


Discussion questions and surveys should use the Likert Scale. Responses are recorded from a range of options, such as strongly agree to strongly disagree. This range captures the intensity of responders’ feelings toward a given item.


If possible, the setting should have some commonality with the project. For example, a multifamily project may assemble participants in a model unit, a historic project may assemble people in or aside the actual building.


The meeting format depends on the type of project and audience. Formats may be set as social events where responders can mingle, assess design boards and complete a survey, or more formal with small groups and skilled facilitators. In any event participants should feel welcomed, relaxed, and engaged.


The data generated should be thoughtfully compared and assessed along with the project team’s professional experience and other known opportunities and constraints. Being able to gauge the thoughts and reactions of actual users helps the project team make informed decisions; which adds value to a project by affecting everything from the emotional happiness of the end users to absorption rates and rents.

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Lisa Saldivar