"I strongly recommend ThoughtCraft to anyone who is passionate about their project. They have proven the ability to make a project fun and exciting for all involved, especially the end user. Their approach to architecture and building is extremely refreshing and passionate."

Chris Pichardo
President, Starrett Construction
Switzer Canyon House


"Based on solid research and scholarship, ThoughtCraft developed an entirely new set of ideas for the re-use of a building that has flummoxed interested parties for over a decade. With their assistance, we hope to re-engage the public in a constructive discussion to revitalize this notable modernist structure."

"Critical evaluation of our existing landscapes and innovative re-use of the buildings of our past is a key element in the future success of our American cities. The work of ThoughtCraft will undoubtedly assist in this nationwide effort. It is my honor to support their work."

Christine Madrid French
Director, National Trust for Historic Preservation | Modernism + Recent Past Program
Cyclorama Visitor Center


"ThoughtCraft's team has brought close attention and creative enthusiasm to our project. Principals attend each of our meetings and presentations. They have also impressed us with their clear interest in the intersection of historic preservation and contemporary needs. This includes detailed attention to the technical requirements of code overlapped with the building's Boston Landmark restrictions."

Kathy Kottaridis
Executive Director, Historic Boston Incorporated


"Working with ThoughtCraft was an extraordinary experience. The resulting product expanded our perceptions about material use, space and how this process can be. We have nothing but good things to say about ThoughtCraft, they earned our trust enough to push our ideas beyond our thoughts about how things ought to be and gave us something remarkable."

Joseph Metcalf & Traci Taylor
Taylor-Metcalf Addition


"On their first attempt, and with little support from me, ThoughtCraft created a coherent and thoughtful vision that far exceeded my expectations. Their design was logical, coherent and attractive. Their work made promoting my project simple and made my unique concept easy for anyone to understand in a short amount of time. Over the course of my career, I have had the pleasure of working with many creative and thoughtful architects. ThoughtCraft distinguished themselves through their mix of creativity, logic, and organization."

Michael Tilford
Brewers Collective
AspinWall Partners LLC