Approvals & Buy-in

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Municipal and stakeholder approvals in addition to building permits can be required for projects large and small. Special approvals may be needed for anything from a change of use, such as a restaurant moving into a former retail space, to large building developments. ThoughtCraft Architects has experience with approvals and permitting in more than 25 jurisdictions over 6 states and 2 countries.

Meeting local requirements and stakeholder expectations is essential with any project, but it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will support the project. Successful projects also work to obtain buy-in support. Buy-in is an agreement to support project decisions. Consensus building, where everyone agrees, may be ideal but can sometimes be difficult when there are competing interests. Everyone may not agree which decision is the best one, but everyone may support the decision.

Our 10-step process to obtain successful project buy-in:

  1. Establish a timeline with milestones and goals
  2. Create opportunities for everyone to share their thoughts
  3. Carefully listen and document feedback
  4. Identify common values and interests
  5. Outline opportunities and constraints
  6. Test all ideas, don’t be dismissive, results may surprise you
  7. Discuss potential areas of conflict
  8. Create a road map with decision making criteria and procedures
  9. Share project progress and ask for feedback
  10. Build and reinforce buy-in

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Lisa Saldivar