Garty Family Rowing Pavilion

How can we shape a building with light and water to create a vibrant social experience?

Mission Bay, San Diego, California  | San Diego Rowing Club |  3,740 sf

On a limited bay front site, the Garty Family Rowing Pavilion was designed to honor the competitive history and celebrate the future of the San Diego Rowing Club. The pavilion contains a century’s worth of artifacts and acts as an event space for parties and other social events. The building references the old craft of boat-building and the sleek lines of contemporary rowing shells. Defining the main event space, the elongated hull-shaped ceiling is held away from the walls to reveal the sky, exhaust heat through operable skylights and allow daylight to penetrate the space.

Chris Johns served as the Project Designer and Manager while working for ARCHITECTS hanna Gabriel wells.

H I G H L I G H T S 

• AIA San Diego Design Award | Citation
• San Diego Architectural Foundation | Orchid Award